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We do not work with a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we align our work processes with our clients.


We know what it means to start a business in a garage: to strike out, to fail and to keep growing.


We do not work with arseholes and anti-democrats. Full stop.


Our work is based on mutual trust. And this requires no pitches.


We are not day labourers. Every concept that is successful for our clients has a value. And a price.


To us, loyalty means no press releases about clients, no contests for rankings. We are there for our clients, not the other way around.


We always fight for the best solution. Even with our clients.

  • Rainer Laux

    „Kreativität ist Handwerk. Unterhaltung ist Kunst. Und Dimitrios Argirakos und Markus Hündgen schaffen es immer wieder, damit zu überraschen.“

    Rainer Laux Executive Director, Endemol Shine Germany
  • Mark Achterberg

    „Dimitrios und Markus stehen für verlässliche zielorientierte Konzepte und bedenken immer den nächsten Schritt. Außerdem ergänzen sich die Beiden spektakulär gut, so dass man sich beide kaum als Individuum vorstellen kann. Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihnen ist immer humorvoll konsequent und entscheidungsfreudig.“

    Mark Achterberg Regisseur
  • Christoph Pietsch

    „Dimitrios Argirakos und Markus Hündgen haben die Fähigkeit und das Gespür, kommunikative Mega-Trends früh zu erkennen und als Pioniere den Markt zu verändern. Beide sind kreative Unternehmer, die nicht ausschließlich in großen Ideen und Bildern sprechen, sondern in Geschäftsmodellen denken und saubere, detailverliebte Exekution folgen lassen. Das Schönste zum Schluss: Sie sind feine Kerle. Man kann sich ihnen kaum entziehen und mag sich immer wieder von den beiden begeistern lassen.“

    Christoph Pietsch Chief Marketing Officer, DDB Germany
  • Adone Kheirallah

    “From the beginning, I have got to know Dimitrios Argirakos and Markus Hündgen as visionaries and full-blooded entrepreneurs. What makes them special and why do I think they’re so fantastic? It is their authenticity and their genuine interest in the people they work with, as opposed to focusing solely on rational business relationships. I share this entrepreneurial philosophy and am therefore pleased to know these two companions.”

    Adone Kheirallah Managing Partner, STAGG & FRIENDS




Born in 1979, he studied East Asian studies (focus Japan and politics) in Duisburg and social sciences (focus international politics) in Bochum, then completed a traineeship as a print editor at the Westfalenpost (FUNKE Mediengruppe). After completing additional training as a video journalist, he became Head of the Video Department for WAZ titles in North Rhine-Westphalia. He then worked as a journalist in the field of moving images and Net culture for titles such as Wired, MTV and ZDF.

As a lecturer, he spent five years delivering training on multimedia storytelling to journalists at institutions such as the Deutsche Journalistenschule (Munich), the ARD.ZDF medienakademie (Hannover) or the GiZ/German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Berlin). After leaving the FUNKE Group, he was a shareholder and editor of the Grimme Online Award-winning production company Blinkenlichten (Elektrischer Reporter/ZDF) and a lecturer in the field of online video at Macromedia University in Cologne. He is the co-founder of the Webvideopreis (web video award) and managing partner of the Webvideopreis-Organizer European Web Video Academy, which was acquired by Ströer SE & Co. KGaA in the beginning of 2016. The Webvideopreis is Europe's most prestigious social media award and is considered the “Oscar of the Internet”, according to dpa.



Born in 1971, trained as a banker and studied economics, law and international politics in Germany and the United States of America. He has a doctorate in law and is the author of two other legal policy books. He has also advised companies and asset managers on geo-strategic and political issues affecting their business models, investments and transactions. He has held positions including Head of Future and Innovation at the WAZ Media Group, lecturer in International and European Law at the Heinrich Heine University and lawyer for economic and tax criminal law at the law firm Thomas / Deckers / Wehnert / Elsner. He was a member of the advisory board of the Federal Academy for Security Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany under the chancellors Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel and a member of the board of trustees of the initiative “Herausforderung Zukunft” (Future Challenge) under the auspices of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Shimon Peres and Desmond Tutu. Argirakos is World Young Leader of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Young Leader of the Atlantic-Brücke, Manfred Wörner Alumnus of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and Member of the Organizing Committee of Kinnernet Europe. He is the co-founder of the Webvideopreis (web video award) and managing partner of the Webvideopreis-Organizer European Web Video Academy, which was acquired by Ströer SE & Co. KGaA in the beginning of 2016. The Webvideopreis is Europe's most prestigious social media award and is considered the “Oscar of the Internet”, according to dpa.



Jahrgang 1967, absolvierte zunächst eine Ausbildung zum Werbekaufmann bei der IHK Düsseldorf. Seine berufliche Karriere startete er 1996 bei der Citiversicherung AG, wo er unter anderem als Projektmanager und anschließend unterschiedliche nationale und internationale Führungsfunktionen in den Bereichen Strategie, Kooperationsmanagement, Vertrieb/Marketing und Betrieb ausübte. Anschließend war er innerhalb der Generali Gruppe bei der ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung AG, der Central Krankenversicherung AG und der Envivas Krankenversicherung AG in verschiedenen leitenden Positionen tätig. Nach seiner Tätigkeit als Country Head Customer Management & Marketing bei Generali Deutschland AG wurde er 2017 Vorstandsvorsitzender der Europ Assistance Deutschland. Zudem ist er psychologischer Berater. Er ist seit 2021 Geschäftsführer und Gesellschafter von Rico Jones.

  • Dr. Armin Hauschild

    “Merely calling Dimitrios Argirakos and Markus Hündgen visionaries would fall far short of the mark. The two founders of Rico Jones are firmly rooted in the present. They have analytical sense and emphatic subtlety. Sometimes they are trendsetters, but they are always doers. At any rate, they are not dreamers and ideologues. What sets them apart is their unerring sense of the disruptive power of digital change and its many opportunities.”

    Dr. Armin Hauschild Notary, Zimmermann Hauschild
  • Daniel Ohr

    “Argirakos and Hündgen have a radically digital way of thinking and are among the few pioneers in Germany.”

    Daniel Ohr CEO, YouDinner GmbH
  • Sebastian Pfotenhauer

    „Dimitrios Argirakos und Markus Hündgen haben maßgeblich dazu beigetragen, das Thema Webvideo in Deutschland zu professionalisieren und in den Fokus einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zu rücken. Ohne sie wären heute Angebote wie Funk undenkbar. Sie haben hierzulande früher als alle anderen die Chancen von Plattformen wie YouTube erkannt. Sie haben den Austausch unter Videomachern gefördert und mit dem Webvideopreis Strukturen aufgebaut, die deutschsprachige Onlinevideos auf ein neues Qualitätsniveau gehoben haben. Oder in anderen Worten: Sie waren die Geburtshelfer für die Generation YouTube in Deutschland.“

    Sebastian Pfotenhauer Head of Video, Ringier AG
  • Dr. Tobias Schmid

    “These two guys really are the ultimate clichéd creative duo: they have boundless enthusiasm, create total chaos, have the right amount of megalomania and lots of crazy ideas, and they usually get really great results.”

    Dr. Tobias Schmid Director, Landesanstalt für Medien NRW
  • Michael Becker

    “Dimitrios Argirakos and Markus Hündgen are enthusiastic about all things digital. They provide their conversational partners with insights into digital worlds larger than 0 and 1. Comprehensively educated, competent and hands-on, they offer sharp analyses while remaining friendly. You don’t come across that very often …”

    Michael Becker Artistic Director, Tonhalle Düsseldorf
  • Matthias Röder

    „Markus Hündgen and Dimitrios Argirakos are super awesome. Working with them is a true pleasure. Why? They are full of ideas, always inspiring everyone around them. At the same time they are endlessly curious and highly intelligent!“

    Matthias Röder Managing Director, Karajan Institut
  • Marco Vollmer

    “Dimitrios Argirakos and Markus Hündgen are unique. Witty, fast, agile, reliable and creative. Whatever the two founders touch turns into pure gold. Their advice is always valuable. I would love to do a trip with them to the Thai national parks. Just this once, I’m happy to overlook the fact that they are fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf and are based in Cologne’s rival city.”

    Marco Vollmer Chief Digital Officer, WWF Germany, resident of Cologne and fan of 1. FC Köln
  • Thomas Koch

    “I have known Markus Hündgen and Dimitrios Argirakos for many years from close cooperation on numerous projects. And I do not know two other people who are so dedicated, creative and inspiring. To know them and to work with them is a privilege.”

    Thomas Koch Mr. Media
  • Marco Otto

    “Markus Hündgen and Dimitrios Argirakos are inspiring. Hard-working, creative pioneers – always at the front line when it comes to new digital developments. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”

    Marco Otto Head of Development and Strategic Planning, NDR TV
  • Mario Sixtus

    “Markus and Dimitrios are a gang. One reason you want to work with them is you do not want them working against you (only joking, but there’s an element of truth in it ...). They aren’t the type to steal horses with; that would be far too common for them. Markus and Dimitrios are more likely to open a portal to another dimension – instead of horses, unicorns would suddenly start prancing around the paddock. Sometimes, a few elves might even slip through the gateway. Of course, that’s something you must be open to.”

    Refers to the German saying that if a person is trustworthy, he or she is someone you can steal horses with.

    Mario Sixtus Author and film-maker
  • Thorsten Scherer

    “Very uncomfortable, both of them, because they come straight out and tell you what you should do better. Despite the risk of not being awarded the contract. Anyone who gets involved with them has made a good decision.”

    Thorsten Scherer Head of the Online Marketing Department, MLP
  • Jakob Kuby

    “Pretty insane – insanely creative. Dimitrios and Markus are visionaries and crazy enough never to be satisfied with easy answers. Always looking for perfection, our collaboration is inspirational, based on esteem and highly productive. For me, every joint project is an enrichment and an extension of my horizons.”

    Jakob Kuby CEO/Creative Director, Kuby Concept
  • Matthias Alberti

    “I have come to appreciate Dimitrios and Markus, not only as clients and overall managers, but above all because of their ability to manage complex production structures with many trades and service providers. Their understanding of entertainment is outstanding. I was particularly impressed by their overview and supreme ease. Even some TV station managers could learn a thing or two from them.”