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  • Eva Wimmers

    “Markus Hündgen and Dimitrios Argirakos combine visionary concepts with solid craftsmanship. For me they continue to be soulmates and a constant source of inspiration.”

    Eva Wimmers President EU Huawei HONOR
  • Stefan Sichermann

    “For such communication freaks, the people from Rico Jones are really great guys.”

    Stefan Sichermann Editor-in-Chief, Der Postillon
  • Paul Remitz

    “Strategy consulting which doesn’t just work in PowerPoint, but also delivers better results thanks to expertise in implementation.”

    Paul Remitz Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom Media Group Germany
  • Christian Schmalzl

    “Say what you want about Dimitrios Argirakos and Markus Hündgen, but there’s one thing you can’t claim: that it would be boring with them. And as I know these two, this will never change.”

    Christian Schmalzl Co-Chief Executive Officer, Ströer

Rico Jones

Who we are and what we want. And what others have to say about us.

Rico Jones

Our work is based on a foundation of empathy and science. We are not guided by hypes but by our understanding of human behaviour and social dynamics.

Our Clients

We always fight for the best solution. Even with our clients. Here are some of them:

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  • Dr. Hendrik Groth

    “Straightforward, critically questioning and reflective: it’s unmistakable that Markus Hündgen and Dimitrios Argirakos were journalists for many years. Simple black and white thinking has no place in their work.”

    Dr. Hendrik Groth Editor-in-Chief, Schwäbische Zeitung
  • Sven Wollner

    “My first meeting with Markus and Dimitrios? I remember it well: after 15 minutes we were arguing so much that we yelled at each other and had to take a break. Glorious. An absolute clash of cultures … And such a long-running one that I have been looking forward to the input and inspiration of the evil-video-twins Markus and Dimitrios for 6 years now. #keepongoing”

    Sven Wollner Managing Partner & Director of Next, GroupM


What we do and what the outcome is. 20 exemplary projects for 15 clients.



Every day, we deal with current developments, studies and trends in communication, digitalisation and politics. We condense these issues into three ideas each week which we would like to share with you in the future (newsletter in German):